In accordance with the Disability Discrimination Act 1992—and, let's be honest, becuase it's what I do—reasonable efforts have been taken so ensure is accessible to everyone. aims to meet the World Wide Web Consortium’s Web Content Accessibility Guidelines version 2.0 (WCAG 2.0) web standard. is currently compliant to at least Level A of the WCAG 2.0 standard. In many cases, the site will be compliant to Level AA and Level AAA.

We are committed to enabling access for disabled persons and non-standard software and hardware, such as mobile devices, keyboard-only users, older browsers and low-bandwidth connections.

If any part of is inaccessible to you or you are experiencing problems accessing the site for any reason, please contact me.

Technical Aspects

  • All content is accessible in all major browsers, and the site will display consistently where the browser is technically capable. Te latest versions of all browsers will give the best result, with older versions gracefully degrading to fully accessible representations of content. The following web browsers have been tested and content and services are accessible:
    • Internet Explorer version 8 and above
    • Mozilla Firefox version 3.6 and above
    • Opera 10 and above
    • Safari 4 and above
    • Chrome 6 and above
    • Opera Mini 7 and above
    • iOS Safari 4.2
  • Image quality can be altered depending on the device bandwidth and screen size. If you have a larger screen, the site is taking a while to load or you’re browsing on a smartphone/tablet, you will be given the option to optimise image quality.
  • can be successfully navigated with only a keyboard. Along with standard keys, the following keys can be used on the website:
    • '1': Skip to content.
    • '2': Skip to navigation.
  • The text is scalable, allowing it to be resized in the browser window.
  • The styling of this site is designed to make the content scalable to fit different screen resolutions and devices ('responsive design'). The following classes of devices and screen sizes have been taken into account:
    • Smartphone class devices (very small screen sizes & touch screens).
    • Tablet class devices (small screen sizes & touch screens).
    • Standard 4:3 monitors.
    • Widescreen 16:9 monitors.
    • Very large screens with screen sizes in excess of 1200px.
  • URLs are composed in a friendly format and links have meaningful link text.
  • All navigation on this site is fully accessible without Javascipt, Cascading Style Sheets or graphical images. The navigation is accessible to screen readers.
  • Javascript is not required to access content (although some features that require Javascript may not work)
  • The site is fully navigable without images enabled (although this site has significant portfolio content that simply cannot be replaced with alternative content)
  • Where possible, content is provided in HTML format to be viewed on the site. Occasionally, this may not be possible and content will be linked to an off-site source or provided in PDF format.

Thanks for stopping by.

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