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  • Nemgenix website home page, nice and professional
  • Nemgenix internal page on a standard widescreen.  Clean, crisp and sophisticated.

I worked on the original Nemgenix identity and website more than half a dozen years ago and it was time for an update. The company was growing by leaps and bounds and developing incredible agricultural biotechnology: it needed to look the part when competing with international companies.


The new Nemgenix identity reflected the company’s agricultural bases with a simple sans-serif typeface with a playful leaf in the ‘g’. The colours were toned back to become more organic and earthy and we introduced new brown and blue tones into the corporate style.

Soft and Professional

Sites that aren’t content managed can end up out of date—fast.

As a research and development organisation, there’s a tendency to go quite sterile, however we kept the brand grounded through our choice of colours and bold imagery.

Content Managed

One thing I was happy to be able to help with—sites that aren’t content managed can end up out of date—fast. News and events on the home page can now be updated in a few minutes rather than weeks and from anywhere in the world, which is an important consideration for a global and frequently-travelling team.

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